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Setting up a website is not rocket science. But building immersive and engaging experiences that communicate a product, property or facility effectively is something that only a few can achieve.

Virtualmerse is one of them.

Virtual Reality Websites

Virtual Reality

Sometimes, it is difficult to promote products, real estate properties online just because photos and/or videos are not the best option to communicate attributes or characteristics. Moreover, the lack of interaction with them minimizes the possibility for users to know the product more accurately before buying it.

Fortunately, Virtual Reality (VR) offers a novel way to develop the future of Web interaction.

With Virtual Reality you can sell products in a VR Showroom where users can actually manipulate, rotate or even customize them. A facility or real estate property could be visited by users with full freedom before they set a foot there. And so on.

Augmented Reality Websites

Augmented Reality

Stop the boring product – specifications, and descriptions and start making your sales meetings unforgettable through new and innovative methods such as Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality (AR) overlays digital content and/or information onto the physical world — as if they’re actually there with you and your potential client.

Using AR your sales team could use a AR Catalog instead of traditional printed one. Architects can show a virtual design over a table instead of a scale model, Realtors could display a property in a real field before its build it.

Augmented Reality is convenient, cost-effective and environment friendly.

Virtual Tour

Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours (VT), also known as 3D tours or 3D walkthroughs, allow users to take a digital tour for a new home, museum or even, a travel destination.

Using your own 360-degree content (equirectangular photos or videos) Virtualmerse designs stunning websites with the capability to go through the site in different directions.

Virtual Tours save time and money, particularly when the showcased place is remote. They are safe, considering the current health circumstances and limitations. Finally, VT offers a unique characteristic: Global Reach, it doesn’t matter where your client lives, he/she can be in your business wherever they are.

3D Viewer

3D Viewers

Products where its visualization in 3 dimensions for instructional or selling purposes is necessary, 3D Viewers are a suitable alternative.

With this technology, users can check the products through a 3D Viewer and also get some specific information located in Hot-spots.

3D Viewers are web browser based and they could be customized for iPhone and iPad to explode its Augmented Reality amazing capabilities.

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