3D Viewers Solutions

Go beyond photos and videos. Magnify your products in amazing web 3D

How can 3D VIEWERS help you improve your business?

You can show yours products from any angle directly from a website or mobile app, giving to your potential consumers the opportunity to know them very accurately before buy

Upgrade the display experience of your products with top quality 3D solutions.

Upgrade the ability of your visuals to influence purchasing decisions. Offer a better visual experience and gather more sales information, which results in more sales.

Showcase interactive 3D models on any device, operating system, and browser. Simply embed our snippet of HTML or iframe, and we will serve your 3D product asset at lightning speed.


Our 3D assets are responsive by nature and can be used across all devices, including phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Effortless Engage

Potential buyers want their custom purchase to be as effortless as possible. A 360 product viewer makes that happen.

3D / Augmented Reality Ready

Enable customers to virtually see your products in a real setting simply by scanning their surroundings with their device and placing the product where they want it. This way, they can see how it looks and feels in their living room or office space.

Success Case: 3D Catalog

In the physical world, consumers see, touch, and handle products before making a purchase. Online, that’s not an option. Moreover, under the current health circumstances, the need for better quality product images and experiences is becoming even more urgent.


Corporate purchasing decisions can require a lot of time and effort. Even more important are efficient sales processes, convincing presentation of products and convincing the customer.

Additionally, there’s another factor: the size of the products. GEIM sells products that are not easy to transport before clients buy them.

Using 3D Viewers, GEIM sends personallized emails to its clients attaching the link to their 3D Catalog. Then, clients can check them online or through Augmented Reality (iPhone users).

  • Branding – 100%
  • 3D UX – 80%
  • Website 50%

What else we do?

Virtualmerse offers several cross-platform immersive experiences for brands within virtual environments, such as:

Virtual Reality Websites

Virtual Reality

Now you can sell products in a VR Showroom where users could rotate or customize them, or where users with full freedom can visit a place before to set a foot there.

Augmented Reality Websites

Augmented Reality

Stop the boring product – specifications, and descriptions and start making your sales meetings unforgettable through new and innovative methods such as Augmented Reality.

Virtual Tour

Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours (VT), also known as 3D tours or 3D walkthroughs, allow users to take a digital tour for a new home, real estate property, museum or even, a travel destination.

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