3D E-commerce

3D Viewers

Increase conversions by empowering customers to visualize products in 3D.

How 3D Viewers could help your e-commerce?

A 3D product viewer enhances the overall shopping experience by giving online visitors a chance to interact with the product simply by using their cursor. All it takes is a click and a drag to view the product from every angle.

Upgrade the display experience of your products with top quality 3D solutions.

3D Viewers benefits:

Visual Experience

Upgrade the ability of your visuals to influence purchasing decisions.

Offer a better visual experience and gather more sales information, which results in more sales, guaranteed.


3D models are fully customizable and can be changed and adapted easily on our platform.

This means product photoshoots and design costs are practically eliminated. 

Cross device

Showcase interactive 3D models on any device, operating system, and browser.

Simply embed our snippet of HTML or iframe, and Virtualmerse will serve your 3D product asset at lightning speed. 

IOS and Android environment: 3D Viewers can work either with IOS or Android devices. 

Small Objects in 3D

Instead of pictures or videos, you can embed a 3D Viewer with your product in your own website. Consumers can move them in any direction and get a better idea of them before purchasing.

3D models are also useful for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, actually, Virtualmerse uses the same assets for its clients' projects. 

Big Objects in 3D

If you want to showcase a Maritime Container in 3D and use it in Virtual or Augmented Reality, this is how it looks like.

This model is more complex because it has more elements and details, textures, lights, etc.

If you have your model in CAD or SolidWorks, we can optimize it to save you time and money. 

Huge Objects in 3D

These models are frequently machinery, buildings and objects of large dimensions. Also, they have a significant amount of details on them. 

Usually, these models are useful for Augmented Reality where users can see them in a scale 1:1. 

If you would like to show a model in a fair exhibition, congress or event, this is the kind of object that you will need to surprise your audience with. 

Difference between 3D models

Before building a VR or AR project, it is necessary to define the scope of the 3D model that you need. This is a very simple way to understand the differences. 

  1. LEVEL 1 - The 3D model in this level are quite simple to design. Most of the time, they are boxes, packages, jars, etc. The design is affordable and it takes only a few days to get a final product in 3D. See more examples about 3D Models - Level 1!
  2. LEVEL 2 - The 3D models in this level are a little bite more complex and time consuming. In this level is possible to design some engineering products, equipment, small machines, tools, among other physical objects.  See more examples about 3D Models - Level 2!
  3. LEVEL 3 - In level 3, the 3D models get more and more details and more accuracy about dimensions and colors. Certainly, they are more closer to the original object. Eventually, these models are ready for animations.  See more examples about 3D Models - Level 3!
  4. LEVEL 4 - The model includes terrain as objects. These models are very useful for architectural or engineering projects, real estate among other sectors.  See more examples about 3D Models - Level 4!
  5. LEVEL 5 - In the Level 5, the details are everything, particularly, for huge objects like machines, buildings, etc. The models are ready to use in applications for fairs, congress and events.  See more examples about 3D Models - Level 5!
  6. ANIMATED - It is possible to animate a model from Level 1 to 5. Wether a physical object, animal, etc., it doable an animation to create a more engaging project. 

Trying to figure out how your business could use 3D Viewers?


AR Marketing

AR Marketing

Showcase your products turning your physical flyers into surprising Augmented Reality Brochures, Catalogs, Manuals, Tutorials, etc.

AR Visualization

AR Visualization

Offer comprehensible and interactive data visualization for your engineering projects, real estate or travel guides with Augmented Reality.

VR Showroom

VR Showroom

Showcase your products using Virtual Reality Showroom where users can actually manipulate, rotate or even customize them.

Virtualmerse designs cross-platform Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences for brands within virtual environments.


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