Tributo AR Catalog

Tributo is a Chilean company that produces an innovative pet food. Even in a very competitive environment, Tributo differentiates from others with high quality ingredients, affordable prices and, following high standards of processing and Uprecycling.

Turning a PDF into a AR Catalog

Tributo's team used to use PDFs to promote their products.The entrepreneurial team wanted to go further with its differentiation, including innovative ways to publicize its wide range of products.

Virtualmerse turned their PDFs into a novel Augmented Reality Catalog of products. Now, Tributo's team instead of bringing boxes of products to their first presentation with a potential consumer or dealer, they just need an iPad.

Save time and surprise your clients from the very first moment with Augmented Reaity.

Try your self!

  1. If you are an iPhone or iPad user, scan the following QR code.
  2. A new window will be open on your device.
  3. On the image of a Puppy, click on it and wait for the Tributo Augmented Reality Catalog to load.

Try your self!

Do you see a puppy?

If yes, search for a surface like a desk or tablet. Try to remove any object on it.

Then, point your device camera to the surface and click on the image of a cube to launch the Augmented Reality experience.

Check Tributo's Augmented Reality Catalog. Enjoy it!