AR Marketing

AR Marketing

Bring your brochure, magazine, print, business cards to life using Augmented Reality!

How AR Marketing could help your business?

Since Augmented Reality adds a layer of information to the real world, you could explain better your products or services to potential costumers. 

Virtualmerse could either replace your physical brochures or flyers and turn them into a AR digital version with full quality and interactivity, or add a layer of AR to your current marketing promotions. 

Check the following video to see how a highly expensive sensor can deploy technical information in AR for decision makers in a very interactive way.

AR Marketing benefits:

Print Synergy

An Augmented Reality Brochure doesn't necessarily compete with its physical versions. Actually, both versions can be synergic. 

You could use your current printed material such as brochures, newspaper ads, flyers and many more... with a web link or QR Code to make it work. 

Product Presentations

Conduct product presentations and demonstrations with Augmented Reality. You can show how your products work without taking them anywhere. 

Simply, add your 3D model in your Power Point (R) presentations to create more engaging sales opportunities.  

Brand Awareness

Branding creates an everlasting impression on consumers, and the way you are telling the story of your brand makes a huge difference!

Let’s start creating your brand’s with Augmented Reality. Believe us, it will create a significant and effective way to differentiate from others. 

IOS environment: AR Marketing works natively with IOS devices (iPad or iPhones) with an OS over 12. The level of quality is quite impressive.  

Android environment: Since Android are not in the edge of the AR technology, it is possible to deploy content on Androids over web, but the quality is not as good as on IOS. 

Trying to figure out how your business could use AR Marketing?


AR Visualization

AR Visualization

Offer comprehensible and interactive data visualization for your engineering projects, real estate or travel guides with Augmented Reality. 

3D Viewers

3D Viewers

Increase conversions by empowering customers to visualize products in 3D on the web and try on products through AR (IOS).

VR Showroom

VR Showroom

Showcase your products using Virtual Reality Showroom where users can actually manipulate, rotate or even customize them.

Virtualmerse designs cross-platform Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences for brands within virtual environments.


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