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It won’t be necessary to bring your huge projects into your backpack, just bring your phone.

How can Augmented Reality help you improve your business?

Generally speaking, the potential of Augmented Reality can be summed up like this: AR adds to the real world.

You are shopping for a shirt and trying on a couple to decide which one suits you better. Or taking a tour of an apartment in Lake Tahoe you want to rent this summer. Or what if you are in the market for a new coffee table and instead of flipping through pictures in magazines, you want to see how it looks in your living room.
These are all possible scenarios you might enjoy with Augmented Reality.

Prototype before build

Augmented are finally capable of allowing designers’ and engineers’ creations to be experienced even before they are put into production.

It’s Engaging

One of the main reasons why so many users love augmented reality is due to how engaging it can be. When done correctly, it can create a truly mesmerising experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

It Creates A Personal Experience

Every business wants their customers to have a unique and personalised experience each time they buy a product or service from them. When it comes to augmented reality, the possibilities for customization are endless.

Success Case: GEIM LTDA

Selling complex and massive projects is not easy when your clients are far away. Now, with AR, your sales team will be able to expand its reach to target new potential clients in a completely new way

Show a huge container over your desktop, it’s possible.

You can try yourself:


  1. Take your iPhone and go to:
  2. Click in the small cube icon at the bottom-right
  3. Your screen will show a tiny model and you can increase/decrease its size using your finger to open/close gesture.
  4. If the model is larger enough, you could virtually enter into the model
  5. Enjoy it


GEIM is a industrial company that offers construction services. One of their clients requested to build a modular and transportable maritime container for maintenance purposes.

The challenge was how to show the final products before to build it.

Virtualmerse used the blueprints of the maritime container and designed a 3D model. This model was embedded in landing pages but most importantly. it was used to show it in Augmented Reality.

Now, GEIM’ sales team has a new way to sell interactively and in a very novelty way.

  • Branding – 80%
  • Virtual Reality UX – 100%
  • 3D + Augmented Reality 100%

What else we do?

Virtualmerse offers several cross-platform immersive experiences for brands within virtual environments, such as:

Virtual Reality Websites

Virtual Reality

Now you can sell products in a VR Showroom where users could rotate or customize them, or where users with full freedom can visit a place before to set a foot there.

Virtual Tour

Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours (VT), also known as 3D tours or 3D walkthroughs, allow users to take a digital tour for a new home, museum or even, a travel destination.

3D Viewer

3D Viewers

3D Viewers are web browser based and they could be customized for iPhone and iPad to explode its Augmented Reality amazing capabilities.

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