Mining Machinery Virtual Reality Showroom

Do you want to show your huge mining machines without transport them to your physical showroom? Or, are you bored to bring people to a mining site to show your machine inventory?
Well, it’s time to explore how a Virtual Reality showroom can help you out.

Showcase your inventory without bringing them


We had the opportunity to visit EXPOMIN 2021 in Las Vegas. An enormous fair, full of mining suppliers. Many of them, with huge equipment and machinery to show to the thousands of attendees to the event.

We noticed that many exhibitors were exhibiting only one or two machines. Most likely because the costs of renting a space at the fair are high and because transporting such inventory is also a high cost.

EXPOMIN2021 Virtualmerse

The question we asked ourselves was: Is it possible to find a way to bring more machines to the exhibition, without necessarily transporting them? Interesting challenge.

Mining Machinery Virtual Reality Showroom


Considering that the buyers of a mining machine would like to see it in the field,  our team decided to establish as the “sales room”, a replica of a mining deposit. In this location, the models would be displayed in 3 dimensions (2 models at the beginning) so that they could be explored by potential buyers.

With the aim of providing relevant information to buyers, Virtualmerse’s team extracted the most relevant parts of the actual equipment manuals and displayed them on digital screens within the stage.

In order to reflect in the best possible way the reality of this virtual “Sales Room” and where visitors could move freely, it was decided to develop it in Unity, where the virtual reality viewer and its controls were Oculus Quest 2 (Oculus Virtual Reality).

The result of this Virtual Reality Solution can be seen in the following video:

Try our first prototype!


This Mining Machinery Virtual Reality Showroom is possible to download through Sidequest. Just follow the link: Download Mine VR Showroom

Sidequest VR Showroom

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