Virtual Reality for Hotels

Virtual Reality could change in 180-degree the way that travelers acknowledge your facilities before they book a room in your business.

Virtual Reality Art Gallery

Artist can provide access to a global audience through a Virtual Reality Art Gallery using a WebVR (Website able to serve VR environments).

Mining Machinery Virtual Reality Showroom

Bored to bring people to a mining site to show your machine inventory? Well, it’s time to explore how a Virtual Reality Showroom that can help you out. Check this Oculus virtual reality app.

3D Models: Animated

Animated 3D Models. Now it is possible to render objects and generate them in fully 3D in a web browser, VR and AR.

Prototypes, examples, articles and success cases about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Let’s talk about VR and AR for your business

Virtual Reality in Art: the Jadracadabra case

Whether the public could enjoy the works of an artist depends on several factors: a good place to expose them, advertising, budget and something very important, the possibility to transport them. If the artworks are large or impossible to transport because they are built in specific places, the challenge of getting more people to know them is complex.

Virtual Reality in art: the Jadracadabra case


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