During the last three months, as it is well known, tourism industry has been negatively affected due to the inability to travel. The same way, the education system has had the necessity to adapt its teaching methodologies and adopt new technologies to continue fulfilling its role.

Given this scenario, the different affected sectors have been incorporating the use of immersive experiences quickly to show and promote their products and services.

Rescue at the Chilean Mine
Rescue at the Chilean Mine

Novel technologies such as photography and video in 360°, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, among others, are part of today’s most efficient and attractive marketing strategies for both companies and users.

With the aim of facilitating the comprehension of how useful these technologies are and, at the same time, promoting Chile as a country with many interesting touristic destinations, Virtualmerse, a digital marketing company, developed a prototype that shows fourteen of the most visited touristic places in Chile through a virtual reality experience.

For this project, Virtualmerse donated virtual reality headsets to a small Girl Scouts troop from Northern California, in order to show the girls one of the two southernmost countries, its most famous touristic destinations, and some relevant information about those places.

The headsets included a DIY instructions sheet, so the girls were able to learn how to build their own VR headsets as well as the links to access from their devices to the immersive experience and visit all the fourteen included destinations.

Virtual Reality experience

Once they completed the Virtual Reality experience, the girls had one more assignment: they took a short quiz to measure how much they learned about Chile. The quiz has six questions of which at least four must be answered correctly. As a reward, the girls received a Virtual Reality badge to add to their uniform.