Reality vs Augmented Reality

In the beginning, users tend to be a little suspicious with respect to the level of “reality” of Augmented Reality models.
In this article, we show you some examples so you can have your own impression about AR.



Displaying machinery and large equipment is very expensive; logistic is not trivial and insurance is onerous, anyway, it may be a headache. When a company is not in condition to transport an important number of large equipment, then Augmented Realidad can be an excellent ally.

In 2021 MINEXPO (Las Vegas), we were able to compare real equipment with models in Augmented Reality. You can watch that comparison in the following video:


  • The model in Augmented Reality was projected from an 8-generation iPad, with AR Quick Look.
  • The real model, which is behind the AR model, is very similar. Since the AR model is just a prototype, it is completely perfectible.
  • The AR model shows shades as well, which makes it very realistic.
  • Colors are very alike.



A couple of months ago, we made a sensor demo for a company specialized in measuring equipment. The 3D virtual model was used both in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. In addition, it was embebed in a website, and even for PowerPoint slides.

Since the company’s subsidiary in USA was participating in 2021 MINEXPO, we had the chance to compare real models with virtual ones. Check that comparison in this video.


Comparison: Reality vs Virtual Reality


  • The model in Augmented Reality was projected from an 8-generation iPad, with AR Quick Look.
  • The AR digital model, in terms of details, can still be improved. It is important to note that this model was built without technical specifications, using photos from Google only.
  • In terms of dimensions, it is exactly the same as the real one.
  • Colors are very alike. The only difference is produced by light, since the light source in the virtual model is unidirectional.

Final Considerations

  • Augmented Reality models can be very convenient when products have an expensive cost, because the inherent risk of being damaged or lost is high.
  • AR models are convenient because of the complexity of logistics, due to distance, insurance, set up, among other factors.
  • AR models can be very suitable in contexts such as conventions, congresses, seminars, and other events.
  • AR models tend to be aye-catching for audiences, since they are not massive at all, and most people have not even seen them before. Therefore, the level of surprise is significant. In our opinion, this impacts positively in your brand’s image, as well as in the brand’s remembrance.

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