Virtual Reality Art Gallery

This virtual tour allows you to step inside of Barbara Modinger’s Art Gallery and explore her collections from the comfort of your home.


Experience the Gallery in virtual reality through your desktop, phone or VR headset.

Barbara Modinger


Barbara Modinger is a chilean artist with more than 20 years of experience portraying the several angles of the Chilean Culture through her textil art.

She has developed her work, mainly as a visual artist and art therapist, promoting art in different sociocultural areas. Drawing, painting, engraving, mosaics, sculpture, conservation, art therapy, development of social skills and artistic skills, and project coordination.

Virtualmerse took some of her pieces and created a Virtual Reality Art Gallery.

Turning a traditional website into WebVR


With This Virtual Reality Gallery any international fan of the artist can visit the gallery from the comfort of their home. Rather than walking through a doorway they enter via their virtual reality headset, visit it on their own desktop or mobile devices.

Now the artist can provide access to a global audience through a Virtual Reality Gallery using a WebVR (Website able to serve Virtual Reality environments). That’s means an amplification of the audience significantly by providing a platform to share and connect with people who are part of the art industry from around the world.

The result of this Virtual Reality Solution can be seen in the following video:

Enjoy it in Virtual Reality!


If a WebVR is not enough, Virtualmerse developed the same VR Gallery suitable for Oculus Quest 2 where users can move around more easily.

One interesting key here is that now it is possible to broadcast the VR experience on a laptop or pc. The live view runs an identical tour and synchronizes head and controller movement for real time, high resolution, single view display, no ‘split screen’ as seen with regular screen casting solutions.

Open the following link and Bookmark it in your Firefox Reality browser to explore this Virtual Reality experience.

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