Virtual Reality for Hotels

If you are a hotel manager, put yourself in the shoes of a customer looking for a room. Go to Google, search for the destination where your business is located and, if we are not mistaken, you will find that there are hundreds of alternatives and almost 99% of them are promoted with photos and videos without any differentiation from you.

Maybe it is time to update your marketing tactics using Virtual Reality.

360-degree photos for marketing purposes


When we started 3 years ago, we worked in marketing campaigns based on 360-degree photos and videos. However, we always faced the frustration that although they were an attractive and interesting tool, it was not possible to call it a Virtual Tour. Since you couldn’t move across a place except by clicking, and clicking once again, to go from one place to another. Let’s be honest, moving across a place is key if you would like to get a better understanding of a place.

Because of this lack of free displacement, 360-degree photos make Virtual Tour limited, so we decided to move forward with new technologies that will allow us to do many other things, so our solutions truly become sales tools.

See the original room hotel in 360-degree.

Virtual Reality for Hotels and others


This is how we migrated to Virtual Reality. We recreated the room in Virtual Reality based on 360-degree photos. You can either visit a website where we can embed the VR scene, or you can use a VR Headset that reflects the original place in considerable detail.

To this scenario we added  sources of light, background music, a TV showing a promotional video and a few interactions allowing the user to be surprised with this way to visualize a place.

The result achieved is the reflection of a real room on the virtual plane, where the user can move and interact with the environment, creating an image of your brand close to concepts such as: innovation, cutting edge marketing, novelty, etc.

Objects Interaction in VR

Understanding that marketing teams used to launch promotions during certain dates such as “Valentine’s Day”, we added buttons to the Virtual Reality room that allow to show/hide objects related to this date, like roses, a piece of cake and a bottle of champagne.

This is a very novelty way to “customize” the room before being reserved, for sure, in case the hotel provides this type of service for its guests.

Now you know, if you would like to take your hotel one step further towards your customers, you can do it with Virtual Reality.

Final Considerations

  • AR/VR solutions will soon make it possible for consumers to survey the many different rooms your property offers and get important information about them before booking.
  • One of the most obvious reason to use VR and AR technologies is: virtual hotel tours.
  • Interactive elements within hotel rooms can also improve the guest experience.

If you want to explore the possibilities of Virtual Reality for Hotels and, others hospitality businesses, email us:

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