Virtual Reality in Art: the Jadracadabra case

Whether the public could enjoy the works of an artist depends on several factors: a good place to expose them, advertising, budget and something very important, the possibility to transport them. If the artworks are large or impossible to transport because they are built in specific places, the challenge of getting more people to know them is complex.

This is the case of Jadra Daruich, who in the art world is known as Jadracadabra. Jadra has specialized for years in mosaics built into walls of large buildings. Many of her works are scattered throughout Chile, a long country that makes it difficult for her followers to know all of her creations.

Virtual Reality Solution

Understanding her challenge, Virtualmerse has proposed to design and implement a website with Virtual Reality capabilities (WebVR). The objective of this Virtual Reality solution is to offer an alternative to people who cannot visit the various sites where their works are. Thorough this solution, users could know her artwork digitally, or rather, virtually in a dynamic and brief tour through her website. Virtual Reality allows in this case to be able to offer a safe, simple and even economic alternative, in order to know the capabilities of this remarkable artist. In this case, virtual reality allows the visitor to move freely inside the place to enjoy her mosaics and explore everything around them.

Benefits of the Virtual Reality

Using this novelty way developed in, Jadra could get even more potential followers to admire her works. Without the need to travel thousands of miles, users can view her murals from the comfort of their homes.

One key that should be noted in this case, it is not necessary to use virtual reality glasses. Just using the mouse on the user’s computer or pointing its mobile device in different directions, the user can enjoy virtual reality in 360 degrees. In the short term, the alternative use of virtual reality glasses will also be implemented, in order to offer immersive reality.

That being said, if you want to enjoy Jadracadabra’s artworks, visit:

Eduardo Reyes
Linkedin Eduardo Reyes Bade

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