Virtual Reality in Kitchen Furniture

Virtual Reality (VR) in Kitchen Furniture


Currently, it is possible to move and interact in a space that does not exist yet, and seeing the future of an environment in present time. This is possible in fields like construction, real estate, and many others, but also in more specific areas such as kitchen furniture.

In this field, it is hard to imagine how the distribution of a space is in reality, and customers usually do not get to understand the dimensions of the kitchen furniture. Although construction maps are very precise and photos show high-quality images, both are two-dimensional tools.

If you wonder: Is it possible to show kitchen furniture in 3 dimensions to provide a more realistic view of the dream kitchen?

The answer is YES!. Virtualmerse can do it with Virtual Reality (VR). This new technology allows customers to get virtually inside a customized kitchen and walk through every single spot. Customers can watch everything in the kitchen in 360 degrees and real time, interacting with the space, cabinets and appliance, making their choice easier. This way, they can request any adjustments before work is done.


Benefits of Virtual Reality


We can bring your kitchen or bathroom project from virtuality to Virtual Reality.

Distinctive aspects of your 3-dimension project:

  • VR technology provides an exclusive design service for customers, and offers a better direction to their likes and preferences.
  • Provides a sensation of depth and dimension in projects.
  • Allows to recognize materials and customize them if needed.
  • There is no need to build the kitchen before getting the customer’s approval.

VR Kitchen Furniture Prototype


Here you have the chance to immerse yourself in a unique Augmented Reality experience of a kitchen project, and reliably check the level you can achieve of every detail thanks to immersive media.

For this, we have arranged 3 modes:


1. Virtual Reality Mode

Users can view the kitchen project in 3 dimensions, as well as walk through the kitchen as a real visitor, similar to a Virtual Tour.

2. 3D Mode

Users can move the kitchen (3-dimension object) and rotate it in any direction to watch it from all its points of view.

3. Augmented Reality Mode

Users can bring a 3-dimension model to a digital plane mounted over the reality. This can be done using a mobile device that dynamically overlaps the object on the screen.

Click on the link to watch:

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are trend, and have come to stay. We know these solutions will be very helpful for those who want to make the right decision and  reach meet their expectations.

Email us to to learn more details about our services, which are very convenient for immersive marketing (especially for furniture manufacturers), or to evaluate a proposal where Virtualmerse can be your strategic partner in bringing your customers’ projects to reality.


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