If you need some "inspiration", please check the following demos

DEMOS - AR Marketing

Endress in Augmented Reality


This is sensor is expensive and a very fragile object. Virtualmerse turned it into a 3D digital model of powerpoint. 

Catalog in Augmented Reality

AR Manuals

From a PDF, we can create a complete Augmented Reality Technical Catalog or Manual for Fairs, Congress, etc. 

GEIM in Augmented Reality

Container in AR

It is not easy to transport a container. Using Augmented Reality, you can bringing it anywhere using just an iPad. 

AR Catalog

AR Catalog

Virtualmerse turned their promotional PDFs documents into a novel Augmented Reality Catalog of products.

DEMOS - 3D Viewers



Showcase your products in your own website, giving the opportunity to your potential consumers or clients to see them in 360-degrees. 

Kitchen in WebVR


Real Estate projects could take the chance to show how a place looks like just using 3D Viewers, providing a nice view of your objects. 


Pet food package

Embed in your own website your products where users can move them in any direction. Suitable for desktops, tablets and mobile devices. 

DEMOS - VR Showroom



GEIM is a Chilean company looking for a solution in front of several challenges; the main one: the current health conditions makes impossible for their sales agents to visit potential clients.


Jadra Cadabra

If the artworks are large or impossible to transport because they are built in specific places, the challenge of getting more people to know them is complex.

DEMOS - AR Visualization

Tahoe in Augmented Reality

Tahoe Report - Ski Resorts

Augmented Reality is the “next big thing” when you talk about travel and tourism. It is a perfect tool to intensify the experience and fun of travelling and exploring new places

Tahoe in Augmented Reality

Tahoe Report - Statistics in Augmented Reality

As the conventional methods of promoting tourism have been exhausted to the core and a fresh change is much needed in this industry. Let us understand the importance and benefits of Augmented Reality in detail.


AR Marketing

AR Marketing

Showcase your products turning your physical flyers into surprising Augmented Reality Brochures, Catalogs, Manuals, etc.

3D Viewers

3D Viewers

Increase conversions by empowering customers to visualize products in 3D on the web and try on products through AR (IOS).

VR Showroom

VR Showroom

Showcase your products using Virtual Reality Showroom where users can actually manipulate, rotate or even customize them.

AR Visualization

AR Visualization

Offer comprehensible and interactive data visualization for your engineering projects, real estate or travel guides with Augmented Reality. 

Virtualmerse designs cross-platform Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences for brands within virtual environments.


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