Showroom in Virtual Reality

Showroom in Virtual Reality


Buying products offline and online are two completely different experiences. In the first case, you usually act more emotionally and impulsively but you can “feel” the product. But, what happen if you don’t need this “feeling”? Well, the online is a great solution.

The problem comes when the marketing material (photos or videos) are not enough to understand completely how the product looks like. The reason is simple, photos and videos are built in 2 dimensions and products are 3 dimensional objects.

Certainly, now is possible to showcase a product in 3 dimensions with 3D Viewers. Unfortunately most of this viewers are embedded in websites, again, in 2 dimensional perspectives.

Virtualmerse is using Virtual Reality to bring a new way to enjoy 3D products in 3D environments.



Success case: GEIM


GEIM is a Chilean company looking for a solution in front of several challenges; the main one:  the current health conditions makes impossible for their sales agents to visit potential clients.

For that reason, Virtualmerse designed and implemented a Virtual Reality Showroom with their products.

Benefits of the Virtual Reality Showroom:

  1. No matter how far are you from the Chile, the VR Showroom is always accessible.
  2. No matter the time, the Showroom is always open.
  3. You can mover around with complete freedom.
  4. If you are interested in a particular product, you just can click on it.

Now, the most relevant novelty of this VR Showroom is the metric platform behind each click. Virtualmerse developed a way to measure every user interaction with the products, in other words, at the end of the month, the showroom’s owner can know exactly and accurately how many clicks come from the showroom.

This is really important since now the showroom’s owner could compare the results of the VR showroom as a new channel.

Email us to to learn more details about our services, which are very convenient for immersive marketing, or to evaluate a proposal where Virtualmerse can be your strategic partner in bringing your customers’ projects to reality.


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