Because COVID-19, a lot of people are working remotely during the outbreak, without mention that many businesses are having to make fundamental changes to their everyday processes.

From the real estate perspective, that means that property tours are not always possible, but leases continue to expire, and space decisions need to be made.For that reason, we recently launched our first Virtual Tour for desktop users and Virtual Reality Tour for mobile users. The first alternative is simple to navigate thorough the property and the second one, needs a VR Headset or Cardboard to enjoy virtually the place.

Check it here:

One key here was the implementation with a CRM. If the property owner has the mail address of a potential client, they can send a Cardboard to them and as soon as the user launch the VR Experience, the system will detect the activation, recording it in the CRM and sending an automatic email to thanks the virtual visit. This is really impressive since most the VR solution are not connected to CRMs.

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