VR Showroom

VR Showroom

Showcase your products using VR Showroom where users can actually manipulate them and move through your store.

How a VR Showroom could help your business?

A VR Showroom allows consumers to interact with products in a persuasive virtual environment, showing parts, features, colors and assembly.

Thinking of Virtual Reality as a tool, rather than a toy, can help you streamline your operations, improve the employee experience and stand out to customers. Many growing businesses are using this cutting-edge technology to gain a competitive advantage.

VR Showroom benefits:

Try before you buy

VR enables businesses to promote products in an entirely new way.

Potential consumers can evaluate products more accurately.

Brand awareness

Virtual reality increases brand awareness because users can experience the content in an immersive, and interactive way, from the first-person perspective.

Product Demonstrations

VR allows for product demonstrations that are true to physics and allows for direct product comparison of features.

IOS and Android environment: VR Showroom is web based technology, so it could work either with IOS or Android devices. 

Need and example?

The following VR Showroom is currently working on the website of the company called GEIM

Trying to figure out how your business could use VR showroom?


AR Marketing

AR Marketing

Showcase your products turning your physical flyers into surprising Augmented Reality Brochures, Catalogs, Manuals, Tutorials, etc.

3D Viewers

3D Viewers

Increase conversions by empowering customers to visualize products in 3D on the web and try on products through AR (IOS).

AR Visualization

AR Visualization

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Virtualmerse designs cross-platform Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences for brands within virtual environments.


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