5 Benefits Of Augmented Reality: A Much Needed Boost To The Traveling Industry

Jun 25, 2021

Technological advances have been revolutionizing the world and the travel industry is no different. There are various new technologies that have amalgamated perfectly with the travel industry. New travel trends have emerged in the market that have transformed travelling and made it even more accessible and convenient. Augmented Reality is the “next big thing” when you talk about travel and tourism. As the conventional methods of promoting tourism have been exhausted to the core and a fresh change is much needed in this industry. Let us understand the importance and benefits of Augmented Reality in detail.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality or AR is a fascinating technological experience where highly skilled designers magnify the users experience by integrating virtual elements into the physical world. It is a perfect tool to intensify the experience and fun of travelling and exploring new places and it can be your perfect mate for any vacation. We have thoroughly researched and curated a list of benefits that you can reap from augmented reality while creating a travel guide.

1) Keep Your Users Informed

While travelling the most essential thing is to do research about the place and to gather all the relevant and essential information. This process requires a lot of time, effort, and patience. AR allows you to be in control of all the information and can get information about the bar, hotel, restaurants, historical monuments, or any other popular local attraction about your chosen travel destination.

2) Easy Navigation

Once you are sorted with the places you want to explore you can help them navigate. The experience provided by AR is much more valuable and informative in comparison to online maps and navigators. With AR you can find even the subway maps to be interesting and vividly clear.

3) Display Interesting Information

You can display amazing facts and information to your customers about the interesting facts of the place. Explorers love to learn about new places, their history, and other related stories. With AR technology you can easily make your customers experience the thrill of seeing historical artifacts come to life. There are several examples where tourists can see a model of a T-Rex come alive and can know everything about its anatomy and history in complete detail.

4) Take Your Communication Game to Next Level

The major hindrances faced by many travellers while exploring an unknown country is the language barrier. Although English is a universal language, it is pure luck if you can find a person speaking in your own dialect. AR technology can be your savior in this situation, your guests will thank you forever. As guiding books, maps, documents from the internet not only harm the environment by utilizing more paper but are also misplaced during travel to multiple locations. Whereas AR technology only takes a small space in your phone.

5) Give Your Customers a Memorable Travelling Experience

In this world of chaos and haste, everyone seeks for an easier, seamless and hassle-free experience. Introducing your customers to the magnificent AR technology will give a positive boost to your business and will increase the overall customer satisfaction ratio. Establishing this technology at the core level of your business will increase your customer engagement at every level and will also enhance your brand value to a large extent.

That’s being said, would you like to see something cool? If yes, the next video was taken in Lake Tahoe, California. Where Virtualmerse did the first Augmented Reality Guide for this area. Check it out!

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You will love it.

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Lake Tahoe's Statistics in Augmented Reality

Learn about Lake Tahoe in Augmented Reality powered by Virtualmerse

Lake Tahoe’s Statistics in Augmented Reality

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Enjoy Lake Tahoe in Augmented Reality!

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