Augmented Reality, a solution for large-scale projects

Business meetings represent an excellent opportunity for companies to showcase their products or services. However, it is not a trivial matter when your products weigh tons and you have to showcase them beyond borders. Let us tell you what Virtualmerse did for a mining supplier who faced this dilemma.

The Challenge to Overcome

World Service Ltda. is a company dedicated to the prefabrication of concrete structures, with extensive experience in engineering and modularization of large volume pieces. Based in the city of Antofagasta (Chile), their services cover requirements from urban construction, industrial construction, energy industry, port, roads, and railways, as well as the manufacturing of projects initially designed to be built on-site, but which can now be modularized and built in their plants, turning their clients’ construction project into an assembly project.

The latter point was the focus of the problem. World Service Ltda developed two projects they wanted to showcase in the latest version of Perumin 2022. This is not an easy task, as the projects are construction-related, made of concrete, weigh tons, and measure dozens of meters. While photographs and videos may be a good solution, although not very differentiating, the company’s CEO, Nicolas Bernal, opted for a novel solution: presenting the projects in three dimensions both in physical and digital formats through Augmented Reality. Virtualmerse collaborated with the latter.


Process to Showcase a Construction Project in Augmented Reality

To begin with, the company provided the existing plans for the construction. This is a significant point to mention because 2D plans alone are not always a good way to communicate what is intended to be carried out. People unfamiliar with them may not always understand what is going to be built. That is where 3D representations play a critical and novel role.

Realidad Aumentada WorldService Mineria


With the blue prints, Virtualmerse team proceeded to build each part of the project in 3 dimensions. This not only enabled the construction of the complete project in 3D, but also serves as an asset for World Service for future developments in both Augmented and Virtual Reality.


Realidad Aumentada WorldService Mineria

Una vez creadas las piezas digitales en 3 dimensiones, se diseñó un Catálogo en Realidad Aumentada, que explica en términos muy sencillos el potencial de las soluciones de World Service y la experiencia que tiene la empresa en este complejo ámbito industrial.

Asimismo, por medio de un visor de 3 dimensiones, se dispusieron las piezas que construye World Service en su página web, de modo que los usuarios que la visitan pueden verlas, desplegándolas y moviéndolas en todas direcciones con total libertad.

RA WorldService Mineria

Learnings from the process


Augmented Reality is a very innovative technology that has a lot of potential to enable the visualization of projects or products that are sometimes difficult to communicate.

However, certain conditions must exist for optimal visualization, as in all things. Space, light, and sometimes a good internet connection are crucial. The decision to complement a 3-dimensional digital solution with a physical one is very assertive.

But let’s be clear, the perception of someone who has never seen an Augmented Reality solution in their life versus a physical one is not the same. The “wow” effect is always more associated with Augmented Reality.

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