Integrating AR and eBooks

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Augmented reality (AR) is an exciting technology that has gained popularity in recent years. Companies are increasingly using AR to engage with their customers and offer unique experiences. However, measuring the success of AR campaigns has been a challenge, as there has not been a reliable way to track user interactions with AR objects. This is where QR codes and Google Analytics come in.

Virtualmerse, a company that specializes in AR solutions, has developed a method for measuring AR activation using QR codes and Google Analytics. The process involves creating a QR code for each AR object, which users can scan to access the AR experience. By integrating a Google Ad Manager and Google Analytics into the QR code link, Virtualmerse is able to track user interactions with the AR object.

For users who do not have a device capable of viewing AR, Virtualmerse also tracks the number of redirections to their website. This provides a more comprehensive understanding of the engagement with the AR object.


Integrating AR and eBooks



In the next example, Virtualmerse integrated for GEIM, most of the AR objects in a single presentation. This eBook includes several 3D objects and make them available for users to experience them in real life.


By integrating augmented reality into an ebook, companies can enhance the reading experience by providing additional information and context. Adding augmented reality objects to an ebook can also make the learning experience more engaging and interactive, encouraging readers to spend more time with the content.


In conclusion, integrating augmented reality objects within an ebook is an exciting way to enhance the reading experience and engage readers in new ways. By using QR codes and Google Analytics to measure activation, managers and company owners can understand how readers are interacting with the content and create even more engaging experiences in the future.

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